Youth Camp

Youth Camp is our biggest event of the year!! For one week, join us for 5 days (Mon-Fri) of fun, fellowship, and most importantly, the moving of the Spirit of God.

We have each day packed full of events for you to enjoy:  our day and night services, basketball, softball, corn hole, volleyball, concessions, fun time service, and much more.

Dates: July 17th-21st 2023

Check-in starts at 10:00
Farewell is 4:00 pm
Ages for campers: 12 years old – unmarried (11 year olds at the discretion of their pastor)

Camper and Counselor fee: $60

Camp Location: 

434 White Oak Drive, Wilmington OH 45177

Returning, FPHY fellowship and new churches

  • Please contact the camp registrar, Sister Olyvia Miller to inquire about space and/or with questions at (513)692-1075.
  • Complete the registration process via our online form, or download a copy of our Youth Camp Packet.

Options for purchases at the Concession Stand

  • Cash
  • Credit Card NEW!
  • Deposit System – Like a bank, depositing money at the concession stand gives you a concession stand credit. The concession’s staff will deduct your purchase(s) to spend down your credit. If you have a positive balance at the end of the week, a refund will be issued to you.


Morning Service: Brother Jeremy Margeson, Bristow, Oklahoma
Evening Service: Brother Zach Coffman, Winchester, Ohio
Fun Time: Jerris & Chelsea Dodson

Area Hotels

Holiday Inn, 123 Gano Rd, Wilmington, OH 45177, 937/283/3200
Royalton Inn & Suites, Wilmington, 201 Carrie Dr, Wilmington, OH 45177, 937/366/6864

What to Bring

Daytime activity clothes for at least 5 days
Church clothes for 4 nights
Underclothes for at least 5 days/nights
Shoes (athletic, dress, and shower)
Sweatshirt or jacket
Modest Nightwear

Bedding, mattress pad & pillow for a twin size bed

Towels & washcloths for at least 5 days
Soap & shampoo
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Hairspray / Gel
Hairbrush / Comb
Sunscreen / sunblock

Paper / pen
Sports equipment (baseball glove, basketball, etc.)
Spending money; i.e., concessions, offerings, camp t-shirts, etc. (at least $40 recommended)

Camper Rules and Responsibilities

  • Campers are not allowed to use electronic devices while in church.
  • Campers are not allowed to have playing cards, coolers, fireworks, weapons (guns, knives, etc.), tobacco products, water guns or any other item the camp committee deems inappropriate by reason.
  • Each camper must keep his or her dorm area clean.
  • Each camper is expected to fulfill their given duties.
  • All campers must attend all services and may not leave until dismissed.

Counselor Rules and Responsibilities

  • A counselor must be 20 years of age.
  • Because of space restrictions, no more than 1 counselor per 1-10 campers, 2 counselors per 2-20.
  • All counselors must attend counselor meetings.
  • Counselors are expected to abide by and enforce the same rules and responsibilities of the camper.
  • Each church will be assigned various duties throughout the week.  Counselors must make sure that their campers have fulfilled their duties and that all campers have participated equally.
  • Each Counselor is required to make sure their campers are present and on time to all services and duties. Counselors must be at service at all times.There may not be children under the age of 11 staying in the dorms with their parent/guardian.

Girls Dress Code

  • Girls may not wear shorts, pants, skorts, culottes, gauchos, miniskirts and skirts with splits.  Skirts must be worn below the knee while standing or sitting. No splits in skirts.
  • No low-cut blouses, sleeveless or cap sleeve shirt/dress.
  • No jewelry (necklaces, body piercing, etc.) or makeup.
  • No tight or revealing clothing.
  • Clothing baring graphics may not contain questionable pictures or slogans.
  • Girls may not enter or exit the restrooms without being fully dressed in day wear.
Boys Dress Code
  • Boys may not wear shorts, sleeveless or cutoff shirts, or go with shirts unbuttoned.
  • Boys must wear their pants at the waistline.
  • No jewelry (necklaces, body piercing, etc.).
  • No tight or revealing clothing.
  • Clothing baring graphics may not contain questionable pictures or slogans.
  • Boys may not enter or exit the restrooms without being fully dressed in day wear.